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Kaza Poorter born in Den Haag is across Antwerp and Clinge (Zeeuws-Vlaanderen) in Kerkrade settled down. She lives and works since 2004 in an inspiring environment.

Kaza began her career with a own puppet theatre thereby advised by the famous puppeteer Feike Boschma. However, over time, her interest went more to the painting and she learned the tricks of the trade of friendly Hague artists.

That was the beginning of a successful period in surrealistic style. They even got a Commission for a mural and pillars in the gemeentemuseum in the Hague.

Jeans paintings
Again sought a new challenge; paintings But Kaza they took jeans pants apart and made large patchwork of which they painted with surreal scenes. Thus they exhibited many in Netherlands but also in London, Paris and Brussels, including in collaboration with Levi Strauss.

Around 1990 created Kaza quirky light sculptures: "I see lighting not only functional, but also want to especially to view object transform". They juggled with shapes, colours and materials; a shoe, books, fake fruit, feathers or a ornamentje, are some of the ingredients from which a chandelier, or by seemingly randomly on one stacked, a shaky balance; "a lamp".Fascinated by light they used as material increasingly crystals and glass in chunks, transparent and coloured; "glass comes to life when you can catch it in light".

Nest by the determination
Of a people in the face of stiffening society got the idea to build nests, Kaza people who stand for her for a comfortable feeling of its own trusted space, a symbolic space that gives back the most primal human a moment that he/she is often lost in this consumer society. A desire for comfort, warmth and safety. She made many public people nests for cultural festivals and had a wonderful exhibition in Castle Groeneveld in Baarn.

Angels paintings
A great spiritual interest resulted in a nice series Angels paintings, because Angels for Kaza an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The Angel, not from a certain belief but the universal ever-present protector, friend and helper of mankind.

After having discovered a large box of schoolstamps at a jumble sale, Kaza started making about 60 monoprints.
They represent two somewhat other-wordly women: a mother and daughter in traditional costume, travelling around
the world. This "worldtour" will also be published in bookform.

Even as a child I was fascinated by an imaginary, make-belief world, which is identical to "our world", but at the same time it is smaller yet closely entwined.
The memory of this micro-macro world became vivid again after I had read Henry Kuttner's "Housing Problem"and serves as a basis for a new series of work on this subject. 

This is a project that Kaza has already performed at various art events. Spectators can look through a so called hagstone, a stone
with a natural hole in it, which enables them to experience the surroundings with much more susceptibility to every detail

So far as the explanation regarding the different aspects of Kaza's intensive quest is concerned. 

Enjoy this artistic experience!